Monday, August 25, 2014

Crochet Diamonds and Fabric Macarons.

Goodness me, with a title like that, I feel that I should now launch into a poem. Anyhoo, I've had an idea for crochet gemstones kicking around in my head for a while now and over the weekend one popped out. I can't wait to write up a pattern for Christmas decorations but I have to simplify the construction side of it first.

At the moment, I am making millions of these for our upcoming school ball (as in to fundraise for our children - not me gatecrashing a prom at the age of 37). They are so easy and fun and am sensing another tutorial on the way.
Hope you all had a good weekend.
Lots and lots of love,
Kate. xxooxx.


  1. OMG, Kate! That is fantastic! I got a thing for gemstones, maybe it is a bit of a trend at the moment, I've seen wooden ones, paper ones, concrete ones, felt ones and now - crochet gemstones!!! I feel ludicrously happy just looking at yours!!! Please, please, would you share the pattern?? And the macaroons are also lovely, but the diamond gemstone wins!!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Love, Ingrid xx

  2. What will you come up with next!! I wasn't expecting such a large diamond, imagine how much it would be worth if it were real! Still, a hand created with love diamond is more valuable I'm sure! Love Mum

  3. I have seen a pattern for crochet macaroons if you are interested!

  4. eeeeee! that diamond is a gem!! So looking forward to the pattern! Why not gatecrash? if only to see the look on their faces? ;)

  5. I just discovered your it. Your miniatures are amazing and the crochet diamond has me...uh...hooked...sorry, I had to.

  6. I love the diamond!! Do you think that someday you will get a real one that size - tee hee!! I hope that the macaron making goes well. xx

  7. Ooh la la! Both of these things look amazing! Looking forward to possible tutorials! :) x

  8. Want want want want that pattern. It is so gorgeous. I am already thinking of things I could incorporate it into. Love it!

  9. Love that diamond! Please, make a pattern :-)

  10. Hola from Spain... Been following your blog for sometime now and I can say I loooove everything you do and post... since I saw this post I've been waiting for the pattern...I really love gems... simply love it... Did I miss it by any chance? Still working on it?... I would really love to have this pattern
    Happy crocheting.

  11. do you know a official pattern for it? I'm using it as a example in Latin class for the Roman god Pluto and i would like the pattern if possible.
    Glad you take the time to do this work,
    Middle school student.

  12. Hello, I love your diamond shape amigurumi and i was wondering if there was a method to how you kept the shape of it so well. Did you use foam ibstead of filling? Please let me know thanks.



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